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Thai Green Curry

Thai green curry is one of the famous curries in Thai cuisine. It is made with aromatic Thai spices & tastes spicy.It is very easy to make at home. The main ingredient is green curry paste. This curry can be made with vegetables, meat or even combination of both.


For Green Curry Paste

5-6 green chilies

1 bunch of coriander leaves with stem

1 chopped onion

1 tsp cummin seeds

1 tsp coriander seeds

6-7 garlic flakes

1 inch galangal (ginger)

2 inches lemon grass 2 kaffir lime leaves

Other ingredients

8-10 Fish Balls

1 cup coconut milk

7-8 broccoli florets

7-8 chopped mushrooms

1 tbsp Fish Sauce (optional) 4-5 chopped garlic 1 inch chopped galangal 1 inch lemon grass roughly chopped

5 Kaffir lime leaves

2 tsp lemon juice

Salt to taste

1 tsp sugar

2 tbsp oil


Grind all the ingredients mentioned under the green curry paste. Now the green curry paste is ready. This is the basic curry paste. It can be used with various vegetables or meat. Here I have used fish balls.

Heat oil in pan.Add chopped garlic, galangal, kaffir lime leaves & lemon grass. Then  Add the green curry paste & saute for a minute. Then add mushrooms & broccoli& mix well.

Add fish sauce,lemon grass & lime leaves Fish Sauce gives authentic flavor to this curry. But it can be omitted if not liked. Fish sauce has a strong flavour.

Add salt & sugar. Now add fish balls & mix. Add some water accordingly to the desired thickness of the curry.

In the end pour coconut milk. Do not cook long after adding of coconut milk. Turn off the heat & squeeze some lemon juice.

Thai green curry is ready. Tastes best when served with steam rice.

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