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Strawberry Mousse (without Gelatin)

Mousse in French means light & fluffy like a foam. Strawberry mousse is a dessert which can be made with whipping cream & egg whites. This simple airy, cool summer dessert is just refreshing.


150 ml whipping cream

3 egg whites

4 tbsp Fresh Strawberry Puree

3 tsp powdered sugar


Take a bowl & whip cream till soft peaks. Sugar can be added if the whipped cream is without sugar. Now slowly add strawberry puree to it. Whip till it is has firm peaks.

In a separate bowl beat the egg whites on slow speed till it gets foamy. Then on medium speed. Add sugar spoon by spoon. Keep whipping till it reaches stiff peak. When the bowl is turned upside down the mixture should not fall. Remember to wash the blender blades before whipping the egg whites.

Slowly fold the egg whites little by little into the whipping cream mixture with spatula. Do not over mix.

Pour the mousse into bowls & refrigerate for 3-4 hours. Silky & soft strawberry mousse is ready. Serve chilled.

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