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Barik Methi

Barik Methi or Samudri methi is grown in sand and is mostly popular in coastal areas. This is also known as baby fenugreek . The sprouts are green with silky stems which are used in the preparation of the vegetable. Onions and garlic is used to balance the bitterness of methi.

Like all microgreens, baby methi sprouts are extremely fragile – they have to be picked, sold, and cooked within a day or two.


12 bunches of barik methi

1 chopped onion

7-8 garlic pods

2 chopped green chilies

Salt to taste

Jaggery according to liking

1 tbsp oil


Cut the roots of methi. Wash it thouroghly for 3-4 times as it has lots of methi shells. Cut it finely.

Heat oil in pan. Add crushed garlic. When garlic turn golden add green chilies & saute. Then add onions and mix well. Add pinch of turmeric and salt.

Cover and cook till onions turn soft. Now add chopped methi. Adjust salt and cover and cook for 5-7 minutes. Methi will leave lots of moisture. Add some jaggery to balance bitterness.

Barik methi is ready. Serve with bhakri or chapati

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