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Chocolate Fudge with ghee residue

Whenever ghee is made there is residue which is usually thrown away. But that residue contains aromatic ghee flavour. So I decided to put it to use and made chocolate fudge with only 3 ingredients.


1 cup ghee residue

200 ml condensed milk

1 tbsp cocoa powder

Dry fruits (optional)

1/2 tsp Vanilla essence


In a non stick pan take the ghee residue, mix condensed milk and cocoa powder. The quantity of condensed milk and cocoa can be adjusted as per one's choice.

Keep mixing the ingredients on low flame till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Mix dry fruits if using them. Add few drops of vanilla essence.

Set the mixture in a tray or dish. To remove it easily, parchment paper(butter paper) can be used. Let the mixture cool. When it is slightly hot, make square marks on it , so that it is easy to remove when it cools.

Cool the mixture completely. Can be refrigerated if required. Refrigeration will make it firmer else enjoy as it is when it has little bit chewy texture. It may taste slightly tangy as the taste depends on the butter or cream from which the ghee is made.

Garnish with pistachios or dry fruits of own choice.

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