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Chocolate Modak

Chocolate Modak is variation in the traditional mava modak. It is made with mava & cocoa powder. It can be made with ease at home. It has the richness of mava along with chocolate flavor & hint of vanilla essence.


150 gms khava

Powdered Sugar -1/4 of khava 2 tsp cocoa powder

3-4 drops vanilla essence

2 tsp ghee

Modak shape small mould


Crumble khave with hands. Heat it in a pan on very low flame. Khava will melt. Take 1tsp ghee in pan. On low flame start roasting khava. Then mix the powdered sugar in it. When the sugar is added the khava will be in liquid form. Keep roasting on low flame taking care that it does not burn below the pan. After about 6-7 minutes till will start giving aroma. Now mix cocoa powder The khava mixture will start to thicken & leave the sides on the pan. Put a little mixture on plate & let it cool. Roll into round. If it is able to roll then khava mixture is ready. Turn off the gas & allow the mixture to cool. When it is luke warm start making modaks. Grease the modak mould.  Make a small ball & put it in the modak mould. See to it that there are no cracks in the ball. Press it lightly so that it takes the exact shape of modak. Carefully open it & demould the modak. Delicious Chocolate Modak is ready.

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