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CKP Khajyache Kanavle

CKP khajyache kanavle is traditional recipe in CKP households made on festive occasions like Diwali. It is known as the King of faral. It is in fact an art to make these kanavle. It is must have delicacy at the time of marriages. Making these kanavle requires lot of patience and skill. The intricate layers of kanavle determines the art of the person who makes it. More the layers greater is the skill of creator. They are delicate and flaky in texture.


For Pithi (filling)

3 cups grated dry coconut

1 cup wheat flour

2 tbsp khuskhus

2/3 cups powdered sugar ( powdered sugar)

2 tsp cardamom powder

For Sata ( cream mixture)

2/3 tsp ghee

Cornflour as required

For covering

2 cups fine rava

2 tsp ghee

Pinch of salt

Milk + water to knead


Making of kanavla involves 3 steps

First is making of pithi. Dry roast all ingredients separately and cool them. Slightly grind the mixture to coarse powder. Now add pithi sakhar. Now the stuffing is ready.

For sata mix ghee and cornflour together till you get homogeneous mixture without any grains of ghee. The proportion of ghee and cornflour depends on the consistency of mixture. The mixture should not be too soft or thick. It should have the consistency of creamy butter which can be spread easily.

Making of covering requires fine rava. Rub some ghee on rava and mix with palms. Now add milk plus water mixture and knead it to hard dough. Cover and keep aside for 2/3 hours.

After 2/3 hours, make small portions of the dough and pulse grind in mixer or food processor for few seconds with few drops of ghee. Now the dough will be soft and easy to roll.

Roll 2/3 thin chapatis. Apply sata on every chapati. Place the chapati one over other and make a tight roll. Now cut the roll into pieces of desired size and carefully roll out every puri. Adjust the layers so as to make design of kanavla.

Generous pithi is to be used so as to get burst of flavours while relishing it. Tightly stuff the kanavla with pithi and close it carefully. Take care the stuffing doesn't stick to the edges. Seal the edges with milk- water solution. Shape the edges with karanji cutter.

Keep each kanavla covered with wet cloth till the time it is fried. Stuffing the kanavla requires practice and skill.

Heat ghee in pan. Fry the kanavla with care on low heat. Splash ghee while frying so that the incricate layers are seen. Do not over crowd while frying. Frying one at a time is the key. Do not roll out all lkavale at a time as they tend to dry out. Fry them in smaller batches of 4/5 at a time. Super delicious flaky kanavle are ready. They will just melt in mouth.

Kanavle are made in various food colours. I usually prefer to make white and keshar for yellow colour.

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