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Fusilli in Pesto Sauce

Fusilli with pesto is a flavourful pasta with unique pesto sauce and veggies.

Pastas come with various shapes. Here I have used the fusilli pasta. This shape is able to hold more sauce in the grooves. Various veggies & meat can be combined in this dish as per choice.

Pesto Sauce is traditionally made with pine nuts. I have used pecans & cashews with olive oil.


250 grams Fusilli

8-10 cherry tomatoes

6 mushrooms

1 chopped green bell pepper

1 tsp pepper powder

1/2 tsp red chilli flakes

Grated processed cheese

Cream (optional)

Salt to taste

For pesto sauce

50 grams Italian fresh basil

10 pecan nuts

10 cashew nuts

3 tbsp olive oil

8 garlic pods


Boil pasta with salt till it is al dente ( firm but not hard ). Drain it & drizzle some oil on it so that it doesn't stick to each other.

Mix all ingredients for pesto sauce & grind them to fine paste.

Heat olive oil. Saute chopped garlic. Then add cherry tomatoes, mushrooms & bell pepper. Mix pesto sauce and cook for a while. Do not overcook as the aroma of pesto will diminish.

Add pepper & red chilli flakes. Add boiled pasta. Grate cheese. Mix fresh cream to make it creamy. Adjust salt.

Fusilli with Pesto sauce is ready to be served. Serve hot with garlic bread or as it is

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