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Magical Coconut Burfi

Magical coconut Burfi is made basically from 2 ingredients coconut & ghee residue. The coconut used here is not fresh coconut but the residue of coconut after extracting coconut milk. Ghee residue which mostly goes waste after making ghee is another important ingredient here. When these two combine along with condensed milk, what we get is magical coconut Burfi which can be made under 15 minutes.


1/2 cup ghee residue

2 cups coconut residue

250 ml condensed milk

Pinch of cardamom powder

Chopped pistachios


In a pan take ghee residue, coconut residue & condensed milk. Adjust the quantity of condensed milk as per desired sweetness.Keep mixing till the mixture leaves the sides of pan.

Grease a tray with ghee. Allow the mixture to set in tray. Garnish with pistachios when warm.

Cut into squares when it is slightly warm. Let in cool for an hour. Delicious magical coconut Burfi is ready

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