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Mango Cheesecake

Mango Cheesecake is a celebration for summer. A creamy cheesecake loaded with delicious Alphonso mangoes makes excellent summer dessert .


2-3 alphonso mango pulp

8-10 crushed digestive biscuits

2 tbsp melted butter

250 ml whipping cream

100ml cream cheese

2 tbspn powdered sugar

2 tsp Vanilla essence

2 sachets Gelatin( 5gms each)

( Vegetarian gelatin or agar agar can be used for vegetarian version)


Blend 8-9 digestive biscuits in mixer. Add melted butter to it & mix well.

Chop mangoes & blend in mixer to make puree. Keep aside.

Now take a spring foam cake pan of 7 inches diameter. Here I have used the normal pan & lined it with aluminium foil. It helps to remove the cheesecake with ease.

Take powdered biscuits mixed with butter & place it at the bottom of cake pan. Keep it in refrigerator for 15-20 minutes for the base to set.

In the meanwhile take cream cheese at room temperature. Mix powdered sugar & vanilla essence into it. Whip the cream cheese till it gets light & fluffy. It take about 3-4 minutes. Keep aside.

Now take the heavy whipping cream & whip it till soft peaks. Icing sugar can be added if the whip cream does not contain sugar.

Mix the cream cheese, mango puree & whipped cream together. Beat it lightly for a minute. 

The base would now be set. Now pour the mixture into the cake pan. Level it with spatula. Refrigerate  for 3 hours.

The mango cheesecake is set, carefully take out the cake along with the foil & place on cake sheet.

Mango cheesecake is ready. Serve it chilled. Garnish with fresh mango pieces or pulp or dry fruits of own choice.

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