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Mango Vanilla Panna Cotta

Mangoes are season once again. Panna Cotta is Italian cold dessert. It is delicately sweet, smooth textured and the elegance in presentation makes it a perfect dessert after any meal. It is a sure head-turner for any parties. Panna Cotta means cooked cream. It has soft creamy texture and usually set with the help of gelatin. Here I have used the delicious alphonso mangoes along with vanilla to give it perfect taste and attractive colour.


2-3 alphonso mango pulp

300 ml milk

150 ml cream

2 tbspn sugar

2 tsp Vanilla essence

2 sachets Gelatin( 5gms each)

( Vegetarian gelatin or agar agar can be used for vegetarian version)


Take 1/4 cup water and bring it to boil. Turn off the heat. Now add one sachet of gelatin. Mix it well so that the gelatin dissolves completely. Alternatively microwave water & gelatin for 20-25 seconds. Mix well so that gelatin crystals dissolve. Keep aside.

Now in a pan take milk, cream and sugar. Bring it to boil and let the sugar dissolve. Turn off the heat. Add vanilla essence. Mix the gelatin mixture to this while it is still warm.

Take the glasses where the dessert needs to be set. When the mixture is a bit warm, place the glass in suitable container or cup cake mould so that it stays tilted. Pour this vanilla mixture till the rim.

Place these glasses in the refrigerator to set. Usually takes 2-3 hours.

Now take mango pulp. This pulp can be diluted with milk so that it is of pouring consistency. Adjust sugar according to taste. Make gelatin mixture similar to the one explained above. Mix it in mango pulp.

Take out the set vanilla glasses from the refrigerator and add mango mixture to it. Fill it till the edge of the glass. Now you can see the double colour mixture in the glass. Set it again for couple of hours. Mango Vanilla Panna Cotta is ready to be served. Serve chilled.

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