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Rasgulla is a very popular Bengali sweet. It is made with chhena which is obtained after adding souring agent to the milk. The result is soft rasgulllas dipped in sugar syrup. These turned out to be super spongy & juicy to taste.


750 ml Cow's milk

1 tbsp lemon juice

1/2 cup sugar

2 1/2 cups water

Pinch of Cardamom powder


Step 1 - Making of Chenna ( soft paneer)

Heat milk till it starts boiling stirring constantly. Turn off the heat & wait for 2-3 minutes.

Squeeze lemon juice into this milk & mix it. Slowly the whey water starts separating. Lemon juice can be required a bit more too.

Once the greenish whey water is separated from milk solids, strain it with muslin cloth. Now wash the chenna with plain water to separate out any lemon residue.

Squeeze excess water from the chenna. Hang it for a while or keep under weight for 30-40 minutes.Now chenna is ready to be used.

Step 2 - Making of Rasgullas

In a pot keep water for boiling. Add sugar into it. Let the sugar dissolve completely.

In the meanwhile knead the chenna for 4-5 minutes with hands till it becomes very soft & there are no granules of chenna left. It should form a soft ball which can be rolled between the palms. If it cannot be rolled knead for some more time.

Then make small balls out of this chenna. There should not be any cracks else the rasgulla cannot be made properly.

Gently put the chenna balls into the sugar syrup & cover & cook for 8-10 minutes. They will double in size. Leave them untouched till they are cooled. Sprinkle cardamom powder. Then refrigerate them.

This proportion yields 7-8 rasgullas. Even mini rasgullas can be made if desired.Soft, juicy & spongy rasgullas are ready. Serve them chilled.

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