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Shankarpali is prepared in Maharashtrian houses especially during the festival of Diwali. There are two versions of it, sweet & salty. I have made the sweet version of it. It is mildly sweet but tastes yummy. It can be eaten as an any time snack too.


2 cups maida

1/4 -1/2 cup sugar (depending on taste)

Pinch of salt

1 tbsp ghee

3/4 cup milk

Oil for frying


Boil milk, sugar & ghee. Let the sugar dissolve & let it cool.

Then take maida. Mix pinch of salt. Then slowly add the milk mixture to form a dough. The dough should not be very soft but firm. Some more quantity of maida can be added if the dough is too soft.Or few drops of milk if it is too hard.

Cover with wet cloth & let it sit for 45 minutes.

Now knead the dough properly. Make 3 equal size balls & roll like chapati. Dust a bit a cornflour so that it does not stick.

 Make a small round. Now apply little ghee & corn flour & fold it into half & then into quarter.

Roll the chapati again. It should be little thicker than chapati but not too thick. Now cut into desired shape using Karanji cutter.

Fry it in oil on both sides on very slow flame till golden brown colour. Shankarpali is ready. Let it cool completely. It can be stored in air tight container for a week.

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