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Shevayachi Kheer

Shevayachi Kheer is prepared with lightly roasted shevaya (vermicelli), cooked with milk, enriched with cashews & almond, richness of saffron & cardamom for flavour. It satisfies sweet cravings in a jiffy. It is made in Maharashtrian households even on auspicious occasions.


3/4 cup shevaya

1 tsp ghee

3-4 cups milk

3 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp cardamom

Handful of dry fruits (cashew, almond, pistachios)

5-6 sprigs of saffron


Heat a pan and roast shevaya lightly on low flame. They should turn slightly golden and not brown.

Now add water little by little so that the shevaya cooks in it. Do not add lot of water at a time. Let them cook and puff up. When the water dries up ,add some water again. Repeat this till the shevaya are nicely puffed up.

This the time to add milk. Add saffron sprigs. While the milk boils in the mixture saffron will impart its color to the kheer. Please note that milk also needs to be added in installments and not all a time. This is the secret to get rich and creamy texture of the kheer.

Mix sugar and all the dry fruits. Dry fruits can also be replaced with dry fruits powder which is made by roasting dry fruits and grinding them to powder. Dry fruit powder also makes the kheer more creamy.

The quantity of milk depends on ones liking. I prefer thicker and creamier version. Turn off the flame. When the kheer is slightly warm mix the cardamom powder so that the aroma is infused into the kheer.

Shevayachi kheer is ready. Can be served hot or cold after refrigeration.

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