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Sizzler on Pan

Sizzler is a grilled meat or veg patty served along with a variety of veggies and french fries in a choice of sauce. Usually it is served on scorching hot sizzler plate in restaurants which sizzles when the meat and veggies are arranged and gives a smoky flavor. Sizzler is usually had only in restaurants. I have tried to create it on a plate.This sizzler is a delicious wholesome meal in itself.

For the vegetarian version the entire procedure remains the same except for the patty. Vegetable patty can be prepared using boiled potatoes, ginger chili paste, salt, pepper, red chili powder, chat masala. This patty can then be coated with bread crumbs and shallow fried.

It involves various steps like

1. Preparation of chicken steak/veg patty

2. Cooking of veggies

3 .Making french fries

4 .Making of caramelized onions

5. Preparing rice/noodles

6. Preparation of sauce

7. Assembling all the ingredients.


300 gms boneless chicken

2 potatoes cut into strips

1 large onion cut into rings

7-8 cauliflower florets

1 carrot cut in lengthwise

5-6 baby corns

6-7 french beans

5-6 palak leaves

Other Veggies like broccoli, mushrooms,green peas, sweet corns are also be used as per choice.

15-20 garlic flakes chopped(used equally for chicken patty, sauce and veggies)

1-2 tsp pepper powder

1 tsp Italian spice mix

3-4 tsp butter

Salt to taste

1 tbsp maida

Grated cheese as per liking

Red chili flakes as per preference

Oil to fry (olive oil is optional)


Preparation of chicken steak/veg patty

Take 3 large pieces of chicken. Marinate with garlic, salt, pepper and red chili flakes. Keep aside for an hour.

Preparation of chicken steak/veg patty.

Take veggies as per choice and parboil them in salt water. In a pan heat some oil. Then add garlic. Toss the veggies lightly for a minute.Add salt and pepper. The veggies should not be over cooked but have a slight crunch. Keep aside.

Making of french fries

Cut potatoes in the french fries way and parboil them. Cool them. After they cool dust with cornflour and shallow fry them and keep aside.

Caramelized onions and tomatoes.

Heat some oil + butter in a pan and add onions to caramelize them. Keep aside. In the same pan add a little butter and garlic and toss palak leaves for a minute. Then grill 1-2 tomatoes on the same pan.

Grilling of Chicken

Now it is time to grill chicken steak. Heat some oil. Shallow fry chicken pieces on high flame. When they get golden brown color, cover and cook for 3 minutes on either sides. Do not over cook as they will lose the moisture.

Rice or noodles.

Rice or noodles can be used as accompaniment. Here I have used noodles.Boil half a packet of noodles. In a pan take butter and garlic and toss the noodles in it. Add salt and pepper. Now add Italian spice mix. Garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves .Rice is ready.

For the preparation of sauce

Here I have made butter garlic sauce which is not spicy . There are also ready sauces available like Barbeque sauce which can be directly used. Heat butter and then add garlic. Saute the garlic. Now add maida & mix well till there are no lumps. Then add water to this mixture. Add Salt, pepper and chili flakes. Let it boil for a minute. Butter garlic sauce is ready.

Assembling of sizzler.

Heat a pan. Line the pan with cabbage leaves to prevent burning of veggies. I have not used the cabbage leave here. Now arrange all the veggies in the pan in such a way as to create color contrast. Tomatoes, tossed veggies, caramelized onions, chicken steak. Pour the butter garlic sauce. Top it with french fries. Grate cheese before serving. Sizzling hot sizzler on pan is ready.

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