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Tilache Ladoo

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Tilache ladoo known as tilgul is made with roasted mixture of sesame seeds, dry coconut & peanuts in jaggery syrup. It is made on the festive occassion of Sankranti. It is healthy sweet packed with loads of iron & gives warmth for winter season.


1 cup sesame seeds (Polished Til)

1/2 cup peanuts

1/4 cup dry coconut

Dark Jaggery ( Chikkicha gul) (Half of the total mixture of sesame + peanuts +  coconut)

Cardamom powder for flavour


Roast sesame seeds, peanuts & dry coconut separately & keep aside.

Now in heavy bottom pan put jaggery & keep stirring till it melts. Keep the flame low & stir continuously. It will start giving nice aroma.

Then put a drop of that jaggery in a plate & let it cool. Once cooled try breaking it into 2 pieces. It will give a sound when broken. Once the sound is heard the jaggery syrup is done. Turn off the heat.

Now put the sesame mixture & cardamom powder in the jaggery & mix it. Apply some ghee to both hands & roll it into small balls of desired size. Remember to do this while the mixture is still hot. 

Allow the ladoos to cool. Once cooled it will be crunchy to taste.

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